The Jackson Lewis Pay Equity Resource Group is pleased to announce a special series to help employers prepare for Equal Pay Day. “Rethinking Pay Equity” will take a look at several of the biggest questions facing employers in the ever-evolving #equalpay landscape, including: How can prior salary information perpetuate the persistent pay gap, and how should we measure and address the impact of years-long reliance on such information in the hiring process? What data should we use when reviewing pay? Who should be compared against whom? What do we do if pay analyses reveal a problem? Should the company voluntarily make public disclosures about pay?

Our four-part series will be published over the next few weeks, culminating with a unique webinar presented by Jackson Lewis Pay Equity Resource Group Co-Chairs Joy Chin and Stephanie Lewis on April 2, 2019.

April 2, 2019, is Equal Pay Day. The date, which changes each year, is meant to represent how far into 2019 a woman, on average, must work to earn what a man earned in 2018.

These days, employers face greater challenges around pay than they have for decades. The country has seen a surge in new equal pay legislation and legal theories about pay discrimination, one that is being fueled by the #MeToo movement and growing calls for gender equality. The result is a whole new set of rules, obligations, and best practices around compensation for employers.

Join us in the lead up to Equal Pay Day 2019 with “Rethinking Pay Equity,” a special series of legal alerts aimed at assisting employers by addressing the hottest topics and trends in the world of equal pay. The first alert — “Overcoming the Impact of Prior Salary Information” — is available now.

Also, be sure to register for our important webinar on April 2. Registration is complimentary, but space is limited, so please do not delay.