With a team of experienced attorneys and Master’s and Ph.D. statisticians and economists, our team provide support and defense in the broad range of pay equity issues employers face.

Our “one-stop shop” approach allows clients to address all aspects of pay equity with just one firm. We provide employers with a variety of services, including:

  • Counsel on the design, implementation and administration of pay systems to ensure compliance with federal and state fair pay laws, regulations and pay data reporting requirements;
  • Privileged statistical analyses — by our in-house statisticians and economists — to proactively identify areas of risk and in response to internal complaints, agency enforcement actions and litigation;
  • Defense against systemic pay discrimination claims in EEOC investigations, OFCCP audits, and litigation in federal and state courts; and
  • For publicly traded companies, counsel in the challenging area of activist shareholders demanding “pay equality” and announcements to the public.